Team S.O.S.

Team S.O.S. provides ALL THE EXPERUSATF coaching and training programs necessary to complete your goal.


Our past participant athletes have all walked away with a fresh new outlook on life. Completing an endurance event such as a marathon or half marathon is guaranteed to change your life forever.


Once you sign up, you’ll be training with our coaches who will have weekly group runs with you and your team.  You’ll even have mentors for fundraising support as well as your own website for online fundraising.


If professionally being coached to train for and complete an endurance event, while raising awareness for community youth fitness and hunger programs is something you want to do, Team S.O.S. will help you make it happen.  You will not only raise awareness for youth community programs, but you will also help raise much needed funds for your company, group or organization.


In exchange for training and support, you are also helping to raise awareness and money for support of USATF youth fitness programs such as cross-country,  track and field, Community No Child Goes Hungry school program and other youth programs designed to promote leadership and skills.



Team S.O.S. Benefits


Your participation in Team S.O.S. will allow you to travel with other Team S.O.S. runners to a major marathon or half marathon in locations throughout California.


The opportunity to make your athletic goals a reality, (an unbeatable offer with great personal rewards) while raising much needed income for your group, organization, corporation or non -profit entity.


Make a connection with a child and family who are benefiting from the services of Support Our Society so you know just who and what you’re doing it for.


Your head coach is a professionaly trained endurance athlete and certificated by the same group that governs our US Olympic Team, USATF


Never been a part of a fundraising event?  Don’t worry;  your fundraising coach will train you with all the necessary tools to make you a successful fundraiser.


Join the thousands of runners and walkers who will participate in one the world’s major marathons or half marathons this year.



How It Works


Each year across America, thousands and thousands of first time charity marathoners are being trained to run their very first half or full marathon, while raising much needed money for such things as saving valuable rain forests to cancer research.  In the past 15 years over 1 billion dollars has been raised for charity organizations by runners just like you, and at this very moment you have an opportunity to be one of those training for their first marathon.


For every dollar you raise, sixty percent will go to the organization you are representing, and forty percent goes to Support Our Society.  The forty percent we receive is used for our community youth running clubs and for the No Child Goes Hungry program in Solano County.


You can participate as an individual, form a friendship group of your own or be involved with your organization or company.  Either way, S.O.S. has an opportunity for you to change your life and the life of someone else.


BECOME A TEAM CAPTAINTeam captains are individuals that will help lead the group they are representing.  If you need a Team S.O.S. representative to discuss our program at your company or group meeting we will be more than happy to do so.


Spring and early summer training programs are forming now, so don’t delay.


For more information about getting your organization involved. 



Signup to Participate


Take the next step in getting yourself signed up for Team S.O.S.!  It’s guaranteed to be one of the most rewarding and fun things you do.  Just click  JOIN THE CAUSE (below)  follow the steps and before you know it, you’ll be running your first half or full marathon!!